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Casino, the 1995 movie from Martin Scorsese that made stars of Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro, is a saga about the rise of modern gambling corporations in Vegas. It also reveals how mafia bosses lost control of a city they had once virtually owned.

Casino explains how casinos succeed by combining 2 aspects of life that people get most excited about: entertainment and money. Taking advantage of the human desire to be entertained, casinos offer shows, restaurants and bars. They use dazzling lights, the joyful sounds of slot machines and other games, and a manufactured scent that has been found to make gamblers feel more relaxed. In addition, all gambling games give the house a mathematical edge, which ensures that it will always come out ahead in the long run. Casinos then offer patrons a variety of free or reduced-fare transportation, luxury living quarters and other inducements to keep them betting and winning.

Despite these advantages, the casino has to work hard to maintain its reputation as an exciting and enthralling place to visit. Many of its employees are on constant watch for suspicious activities that can range from palming to marking dice or cards. They also have to watch out for players who are looking to take advantage of the house edge, which is why they often refuse to tell big winners how much they won. Casinos also don’t put clocks on their walls to prevent patrons from noticing how quickly the time passes by.