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The first thing to know about our stickers is that they are printed using a four
color CMYK process. To reproduce full-color images, our printing presses
use 4 colors of ink. The four inks are placed on the paper in layers of dots
that combine to create the illusion of many more colors.

CMYK refers to the 4 ink colors used by the printing press. C is cyan (blue),
M is magenta (red), Y is yellow, and K is black. A mistake often made when
submitting artwork for 4-color printing is not converting the images to the
CMYK color space. This is needed so that the file can be separated into
the four colors and a separate printing plate can be made for each of the colors.
(Click here to see example)

If EXACT color reproduction is important to your sticker design,
CMYK process stickers are not recommended.
We do offer other
options to print pantone color stickers, but the cost is considerably
higher. Contact us to learn more about our Spot Color or Pantone runs.


In order to offer our full color stickers at an incredibly cheap price, we run the
stickers together on “gang runs.” Our Gang-Run is a program consisting of
combining many different designs from an assortment of different customers,
weekly, on to a large sheet of either white vinyl or clear vinyl and printing the
sticker face in full color and the back in 1-color (black). Stickers are packed
250 ea per ply bag, boxed and shipped by the second Friday (9 days later)
via FEDEX ground or air. (Click here to see example)


• LOW COST OF 2.25 ’ per square inch
• FREE Full color printing (CMYK)
• FREE Film separations and set-up’s
• FREE Black Back Print
• FREE Split back *
• UV Ink System with a 3-5 Year Capability
• Durable Industrial Strength
• Outdoor Caliber
• 120 Line Screen front and back
• 100% Ink Converage and full bleeds OK
• Die Cut any shape and size (up to 26” x 37”)
• Gloss Ovecoat (no dull or flat finish)
• 100 lb. Printable backing
• White or clear Vinyl
• Kiss Cuts & Punched holes also available
• Available in quantities of 1000
• Turnaround time 9 to 14 working days **
• Delivery by UPS (all services) or FedEx (air services only)


Payment Method: Credit Card Only


Order form, payment, and art (within our art specifications) are all due
by Monday at 5pm pacific standard time. We arrange stickers on sheets
based on first come, first serve and we always have multiple sheets. Stickers
on the first sheet usually ship within 9 to 14 working days, while stickers on subsequent sheets ship later.


I. 4-color process printing can produce some color variation. The color on
your sticker may vary slightly from the color in the digital file. Although the
colors are usually pretty close to the original file we can’t guarantee color

II. Cutting/diecutting is the least accurate process in making a sticker and
the cut on your sticker can vary as much as 3/32” in any direction from the
original position so plan your artwork accordingly. We can’t guarantee the
cut accuracy.

III. * Smaller stickers may not get a back slit because of the necessary
positioning on the print sheet. We always try to slit every sticker
but it’s not always possible and it’s not guaranteed.

IV. ** Shipment of order is normally on a Wednesday, 9 to 14 working days after the
Monday order deadline but this is NOT a guarantee. Our only guarantee
is that we will do our best to ship as soon as possible.

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